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Ad Placement Upload – Admitologist Ad Placement Upload
Advertising Purchasing Terms

01 All advertising (subject matter, form, wording, illustrations and typography) submitted is subject to the approval of We reserve the right to refuse any advertising content that does not meet the company’s standards of acceptance.

02 reserves the right to refuse any advertisers (based on advertisements) or advertisements that could have a possible negative impact on any digital/print (including but not limited to websites, email newsletters, print publications, mobile applications, and association advertising) readers as determined by management.

03 The subject matter, form, wording, illustrations and typography of all advertising are subject to approval by, but unless otherwise authorized in advance, no change will be made without the consent of the Agency or Advertiser. Advertising content that attacks, criticizes or demeans any individual, race, religion, sex, institution, firm, business, profession, organization or affectional preference shall not be accepted.

04 All display advertisements submitted must plainly identify the name of the Advertiser.

05, does not allow any political, religious, alcohol, tobacco, firearms, sexual related materials, and all adult related materials.

06 Type of heading, text, etc., shall not be the same or similar to that used by any partner news and editorial content that can be perceived as material provided by the publisher. Advertisements having the appearance of editorial material must have Advertisement printed above, and reserves the right to insert “Advertisement” above any copy.

07 shall not be liable for slight changes or typographical errors that do not lessen the value of an advertisement. shal not be liable for any other errors appearing in an advertisement unless received corrected copy before the copy deadline, with corrections plainly noted thereon. In the event of an error in an advertisement for which is liable as herein defined, its liability shall be limited to refunding such proportion of the entire cost of the advertisement as the space occupied by the error bears to the whole space occupied by such an advertisement.

08 The liability of for failure to publish an advertisement for any reason in the issue specified shall be limited to publishing the advertisement in a subsequent issue (at the regular rate).

09 Terms of sale for ads: All payments are due upon securing your placement unless otherwise specific in the agreement.

10 may revoke the credit privileges of any Advertiser for failure to pay charges when due. may declare all monies owed by an Advertiser immediately due and payable in full. may also refuse or decline an Advertiser based on failure to pay charges when due on any past transactions between either themselves (not limited to current advertising ventures).

11 If an account becomes delinquent, the Advertiser is responsible for paying collection costs, attorney’s fees and any costs associated withplacing the obligation with a collection agency or to an attorney forlitigation.

12 A service charge of $25 will be added to any check returned unpaid by the Advertiser’s bank.

13 The Advertiser and/or Advertising Agency agrees to defend and indemnify against any and all liability, losses or expenses arising from claim of libel, unfair competition, unfair trade practice, infringement of trademarks, trade names or patents, violations of rights of privacy and infringement of copy rights and proprietary rights resulting from the publication of Advertiser’s advertisement.

14 Advertisers and Agencies forwarding orders to contain incorrect rates and conditions are hereby advised that theadvertising called for will be inserted and charged at the regularschedule of rates and conditions enforced at that time.

15 Any Advertiser or Advertiser’s Agency that do not adequately provide creative 5 business days prior to the drop date for space purchased will still be responsible for payment whether the placement runs correctly or not. The Advertiser is expected to approve or decline any creative
designed by within 48 hours. If approval or decline is not received, will proceed as if it has been approved and run the creative.

16 reserves the right to change advertising rates and conditions on 30 days notice. In such an event, the Advertiser may amend or cancel contracts or space reservations as of the date of the change.

17 Cancellation policy: All Ad placements are limited in nature, and all cancellation requests must be made in writing within 3 days of purchase.